Đề thi olympic có đáp án- Khối 10

1. There is no warmth surrounding him, so for much of the day he sits on the stone floor 1 his ragged, threadbare clothes, clasping his knees tightly 2 his thin body and burying his head; There are moments of fury as well, when he batters his pale, scarred face 3 his fists or beats his head 4 one of the walls. At other times, he simply sits there rocking relentlessly backwards and forwards, his wide open eyes staring feverishly 5 the grey concrete walls and at a terryfying, endless future as bleak as despair itself.

2. Severe hurricane force winds buffeted their way 1 Kent and much of the south – east of England last night, leaving a trail 2 devastation 3 their wake. Vast tracks of the county have been flattened, and damage 4 property is estimated 5 hundreds of millions of pounds.

D. Use the following phrasal

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