Đề thi tiếng Anh lớp 12

1. After she (work) __________ at the hospital for two years, she (decide) __________ to give up the job.

2. He will come at once because I (tell) __________ him by phone that you (need) __________ him urgently. I’m sure he (find) __________ his way easily although he (never visit) __________ this house before.

3. By the time you get back, I (finish) __________ all my correspondence and then I (can help) ______________ you with yours.

4. In a few minutes’ time, when the clock (strike) __________ six, I (wait) __________ here for an hour.

5. A taxi driver (drive) _______________ along a street when he suddenly (black out) ____________ and lost control of his vehicle. The taxi (plunge) _________ into a nearby river. A hawker, who (see) ______________ the accident, rushed from his coffee stall and (dive) ___________ into the water. He (have) ___________ to swim twenty five metres before he could get to the taxi. The taxi driver (try) ______________ to wind down the window. The hawker reached into the taxi for the safety-belt. After he (release) __________ the safety-belt, he pulled the driver out through the partially open window. At the hospital, the driver (say) ____________ that the black out might (cause) _______________ by his high blood pressure condition.

6. Marie Curie, the Polish-born chemist, was a courageous and determined woman. She (leave) ___________her home for Paris (pursue) ___________ her interest in science. (live) ___________ in poverty, she still (manage) ___________ to graduate at the top of her class. She (meet) ___________ Pierre Curie shortly after graduation and (marry) ___________ him a year later.

Together, Pierre and Marie (form) ___________ the most famous husband-and-wife partnership in science history. They (discover) ___________ the radioactive elements, Polonium and Radium. They (award) ___________ the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1903.


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