Bài giảng English 10 - Unit 13: Film and Cinema - Lesson 3: Listening

II. Pre-listening:

* Listen and check the activities you hear

1. Visit grandparents

2. Watch TV

3. Go on a picnic

4. See a play

5. Chat on the net

6. Go to a singing club

7. Take Chinese class

8. Listen to music

9. Go dancing

10. Go to the cinema 


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English 10Unit 13: Film and Cinema.Teacher: Le Nhut LongUnit 13Films and CinemaLesson C: Listening-Method: Communicative Approach-Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to practice listening skills and summarize the main point of a conversation. -Educational aim: Students will learn how to organize their work. -Skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing. -Teaching aids: textbook, computer, projector, papers, cards, etc.-Teaching procedure: Skim gameRemember these activities  go to see a play  watch TVgo to singing club  take a Chinese class  go on a picnicchat on the netgo dancinggo to the cinemalisten to music   visit grandparents II. Pre-listening: * Listen and check the activities you hear1. Visit grandparents2. Watch TV3. Go on a picnic4. See a play5. Chat on the net6. Go to a singing club7. Take Chinese class8. Listen to music9. Go dancing10. Go to the cinema *** Answer key: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7. III. While-listening: *** Set the scene *** Task 1. Listen to the talk between two friends, Lan and Huong. The answer the question “What are they planning to do together?” *Answer key: They are planning to go to the cinema together to see Titanic.  Task 2. Categorize: Listen and check the right column: Whose activities are these? ActivitiesLanHuong1. Visit grandparents√ 2. Go on a picnic √3. See a play√ 4. Go to a singing club √5. Take Chinese classes √1. On _________, Lan is going to visit her grandparents. 2. On _________, Huong is going on a picnic. 3. On __________, Lan is going to see a play. 4. On __________, Huong works and she is going to a singing club. 5. On __________, Huong is taking Chinese classes. 6. On __________, Lan is busy.  *** Task 3: Listen and fill in the blanks* Answer key: 1. Thursday          2. Sunday       3. Monday4. Wednesday      5. Friday         6. Saturday *** Task 4: Complete the table   TimeLanHuongMonsee a play Tue  Wed work and go to a singing clubThursvisit grandparents Fri study Chinese/take Chinese classesSatwork (busy) Sun go on a picnicLUCKY FILMSON THURSDAYLan visits grandparents.ON SUNDAYHuong goes on a picnic.ON MONDAY Lan sees a playON FRIDAYHuong studies Chinese.ON SATURDAYLan is busy on Saturday.YOU GET 10 MARKSOn what day can they meet?They can meet on TuesdayA: What are you planning to do this weekend? B: I’m going _____________ on Saturday.A: What about Sunday? Are you free on Sunday? B: Yes, I’m free the whole Sunday. A: Let’s ______________.B: OK. That’s a good idea.  IV. Post-listening: Practice the dialogueHomework:- Write a short paragraph about what Lan and Huong are going to do. - Prepare the writing lesson. Good bye

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