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One of the smallest countries in the world is San Marino, a republic, high in the mountains of Italy. It is also the oldest, because it was founded some 1,500 years ago. San Marino covers 61 square kilometres and has over 17 thousand people. San Marino coins and stamps are eagerly bought by collectors.

One of the popular small countries in the stamp album is Andorra, the mountain state of 11 thousand people which is high in the Pyrenees, between France and Spain. Anyone who collects the stamps of Andorrasoon notices a strange thing about them. Some stamps are printed in Spain and have their values and inscriptions in Spanish. Other stamps are like French stamps. They have values in France or centimes and their inscriptions is in French.

The reason for this lies in Andorras history. For nearly 700 years the little state has been under the joint protection of France and Spain, and these two countries have separate postal services in Andorra. In the chief village of Andorra the Spanish and the French post offices stand near each other but sell different stamps

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