Spiritual and cultural life of high school students in Hanoi nowadays

The practical situation of the cultural and spiritual life of Hanoi high

school students is much diversified. Via demand and practical activities; by

expressing, showing views and opinions on ethical, political, cultural and social

issues as well as the spirit of self-awareness, active participation in joint activities

of the youths in Hanoi Capital, Hanoi high school students have initially shaped the

appearance of their rich and vibrant cultural and spiritual life. However, like all

other subjects, Hanoi high school students’ cultural and spiritual life is often

influenced by the economic, educational, cultural and social life of the capital city

in the era of integration and development. There are both positive and negative

factors. Concerning the negative impacting factors, the risk from passive reception,

aping cultural trends and movement, learning miscellaneous and harmful lifestyles

is increasingly popular and needs to be stopped timely

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anging cultural values. High school students have the needs to learn, to discover new things, what they like, what they lack, and to a certain degree, have the ability to absorb, create them. High school students also have a very high need to express, confide, express themselves. Honesty, trust, sharing are always respected. Aside from that, like any other subject, high school students also have the need to have a break, such as playing games, watching music programs, watching movies, reading books, chatting with friends, going picnic, playing sports, watching television, web surfing, etc. All this shows that all the needs, interests, aspirations, desires, demands of high school students are all legitimate; however those needs must be based on actual practice, on the personal capacity and required conditions to fulfill them. 2.2.2. Spiritual and cultural activities of students in high schools High school students' cultural and spiritual activities are self-contained and voluntary, but they are not separated from the common activities of the age group, of the school's cultural environment. It is possible to divide the forms of cultural activities of high school students as follows: Firstly, creative activities of cultural values. Popular creative activities include: scientific research, creation, participation in creative clubs; Good hand- crafting contest, cooking, making up, improving gadgets, learning tools; participate in performing arts performances, etc. Secondly, activities of playing, entertaining, enjoying the cultural values. This type of activity is usually very rich in form, depending on the needs, interests, habits and conditions of the subject, such as leisure, recreation, exercising, joining festivals, enjoying different art forms, traveling, shopping, beliefs, etc. Thirdly, the activities of preserving, exchanging and promoting cultural values and products. For high school students, this activity is limited, due to many reasons. Most high school students have a sense of respect, preservation, conservation of the landscape, environment, cultural values, etc.; however the effectiveness of this activity is not high. 2.2.3. Cultural and spiritual products of high school students The cultural and spiritual products of high school students consists of two types: the products required by the study program and the products they create themselves. The first is the tangible products of high school students created in the learning process, which are scientific research, furniture, learning materials, products from skillful competitions or poetry writing in the study programs, etc. The cultural and spiritual products created by students themselves are the result of passion, exploration, creativity, bearing the mark of interest, 10 capacity, personal needs and great spiritual significance. Recently, the encouragement and promotion of creative capacity of high school students in general, and of Hanoi high school students in particular has started gaining attention with some certain results. 2.3. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF HANOI HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS 2.3.1. Characteristics of high school students in Hanoi Hanoi high school students have developed psychologically and physiologically earlier than general age group According to the survey and findings of the thesis’ author, the height, weight, breast size, etc. of high school students in Hanoi in general and four schools surveyed in particular (results of annual physical examination provided by the school health department) seems to have exceeded the 2020 threshold. The puberty and physical development of high school students in Hanoi has led to complicated psychological changes, which are difficult to control, but it also marked the development of intellect, thinking, sentiment and communication. They have high judgment; being independent, initiative, and creative in perception with quick problem solving. High school students in Hanoi have high self-awareness Self-awareness is a prominent feature in the development of character of high school students in Hanoi. This comes from the practical environment, conditions and pressures of the Capital. Along with self-awareness is the ability to self-assessment and self- adjustment, which not only helps them better understand the deficiencies that need complement, strengths and advantages that need promoting, but also helps them be more confident in asserting, showing their positions and roles as an "adult" in the family, school and society, especially in the collective activities. Hanoi high school students soon formed a world view and living ideal The formation of the world view is seen in the active awareness. Compared with previous generations, high school students in Hanoi nowadays are often exposed to many complex issues of social reality and themselves, so they soon have their own opinions, with clear perspectives and lifestyle. To a certain degree, this can be seen as a sign of cognitive and personality maturity. Hanoi high school students have good attitudes, emotions, and communication ability, with high independence. As the sense of self has grown, high school students yearn for the desire to have equal relations in life and the need to live an independent life. Their independence is manifested in three aspects: self-reliance on behavior, emotional self-reliance and self-reliance on perspective. They just like to do what they like and consider to be right. But at this age, because they have not been able to self- control and adjust their behaviors, they are often extreme, over-exercised in their activities. 11 Most high school students in Hanoi have the ability to communicate well, politely, politically and culturally in social relationships, families, schools, especially with parents, teachers and friends. Sentimental life of high school students in Hanoi in general is very rich and diverse. Friends are valued. They all want to show, affirm their position and role in the community and with their friends; yearning to be recognized and respected. There is a growing demand for heterosexual love, which is called pupil love. Although there is nothing profound, there have been many cases that they go over the limit, leaving unwanted consequences. High school students in Hanoi have a certain position in the family, school and society Position in the family Often there existed in Vietnamese families today two phenomena: over- protecting and over easy-going. However, with high school students in Hanoi, the extents of both these phenomena are gradually reducing; the nature of dependence also changes, they have a higher position, and are valued as a formal member of the family. Position in the school As living in the high school environment in the Capital, the cultural and spiritual needs and activities of students have the conditions for full disclosure, experimentation, are encouraged, facilitated, and indeed are very active, rich and vibrant. From the position of learning, receiving counseling, they are now able to take initiative in bringing what they received to counsel for other subjects. These are positive, worth noting signals and changes. Position in society In principle, high school students are not regulated and bound by responsibilities with family and society by law (outside the framework and rules of families and schools); however, together with the "protection", the incentives remain the responsibilities and obligations to comply. The social status of high school students in Hanoi is confirmed by participating in practical activities. Collaborating with youth and students organizations in the area in particular and Hanoi in general, their practical activities are gradually changing the face of high schools in general and the education sector of Hanoi in particular. High school students in Hanoi are highly aware of their study, training and striving The main task of high school students in general and high school students in Hanoi in particular is still learning "for tomorrow's career". The learning interests of this age group are associated with a tendency to choose careers that are diverse, profound and sustainable. There is no official document that obliges high school students to take part in social activities as a citizen, but their sense of self and their active participation in these activities in recent years has shown that the students themselves are ready 12 and willing to take over larger tasks than their age. This marks the apparent maturity of social awareness of high school students, especially high school students in Hanoi today. 2.3.2. Brief introduction of surveyed schools Tran Nhan Tong High School Tran Nhan Tong High School previously was named Thang Long private high school, Trung Vuong 3B School, Bach Mai School, Quynh Mai School, and was established in 1960, locating in Hai Ba Trung district. The area of Tran Nhan Tong High School previously was small and just over 2,000 square meters, located at 15 Huong Vien Street, Hai Ba Trung District, in the middle of a crowded residential area. In the 2014-2015 school year, the school had 39 classes in three grades with 1614 students. In the school year 2015-2016, the school had 106 teachers and staff, with the number of students in three grades being 1,658. In the last 5 school years alone, the school's high school graduation rate has ranged between 99% and 100%; the number of students managed to go to universities and colleges ranged from 65% to 70%. The school is always in the top of the high schools at the city-level high school exams in terms of quantity and quality of awards. For three consecutive years, the school stood in the top 200 high schools with the highest university entrance examination scores nationwide. Yen Hoa High School Yen Hoa High School (255 Nguyen Khang, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi) is a high school of grade II-III Yen Hoa, established in 1960. In 1975, the school moved to Yen Quyen village - Yen Hoa commune (current location). In 1993, the school was rebuilt, facilities, classroom system, functional rooms of the school are increasingly completed and modern. The school has a tradition in education, teaching, many former students of the school have made great contributions to the country throughout different periods. In 2006, Yen Hoa High School was ranked 25th out of 100 schools by the Ministry of Education and Training as the best high school nationwide. In the school year 2015-2016, the total number of staff, teachers, employees of the school was 94 (including 10 contracted teachers), including 7 subject groups. The number of students in three grades is 1490, each grade consists of 12 classes. In the school year 2016-2017, the school plans to recruit 12 classes in the 10th grade with 480-500 students. Cau Giay High School Cau Giay High School was established on April 27, 2007, located at 118, Nguyen Khanh Toan Street, Quan Hoa ward, Cau Giay district. The educational objectives and missions of Cau Giay High School are clearly defined as striving to become a school with comprehensive education quality that has unique characteristics, advanced, modern, and integrated with the education of the Capital and the area. 13 The facilities of Cau Giay High School are not too large but just enough, with 5 buildings and 1 sport building, many practice rooms, Informatics room, library, psychology consultation rooms, all of which meet national standards. Particularly, there are the first class of ICT-applied innovation of international standard in Vietnam. The school places particular emphasis on the school culture and facilitate students to engage in cultural and spiritual activities. Many collective movements, volunteer activities, exchanges, international integration, etc., for example, charitable activities, sports and arts activities, etc. are organized regularly, practically and meaningful with extensive pervasion. Nguyen Binh Khiem Private High School Nguyen Binh Khiem Private High School was established on August 19, 1993, initially being Nguyen Binh Khiem Secondary School, a non-public school, located in Tran Quoc Hoan, Cau Giay. By 2010, the school has had a spacious campus of four four-storey buildings and operator quarters; in 2014 these were upgraded into 7-storey buildings with many classrooms and rooms for professional activities. From 2009 up to now, the number of students has always been kept at 2400 students in grades 6 to 12. The current number of staff of the school is 220 people, including 5 doctors, 23 masters, 136 bachelors and professional cadres with college and intermediate degrees. Out of the 88 non-public high schools in Hanoi nowadays, other than foreign-invested international schools, Nguyen Binh Khiem Private High School is in the forefront of schools with good investment in facilities and education quality, and is highly competitive. This is the only school that self-founded vocational education center (built on an area of 6 hectares) in Huong Son, Binh Xuyen, Vinh Phuc. Every year, at summer camps, students are offered the opportunity to take part in creative learning courses here. Chapter 3 IMPACTING FACTORS AND CURRENT SITUATION OF HANOI HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS 3.1. FACTORS AFFECTING THE CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL LIFE OF HANOI HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS 3.1.1. Economic - political factors The economic and political life of the Capital and the country directly affects the daily life and the cultural and spiritual life of high school students in the following aspects: First of all, Hanoi is the Capital, the economic, cultural and political center of the whole country, which means the conditions to service and meet the needs of learning, living cultural and spiritual life of high school students are more favorable than other localities. 14 Secondly, the socioeconomic environment in general and in the Capital in particular in the past few years has seen significant growth. Per capita income in Hanoi ranks first in the country. Society development, wealthy economics, families are able to pay more attention to, better invest in educating and training their children. From these favorable conditions, the source of energy, needs and inner aspirations of the students are opened and promoted strongly. 3.1.2. Cultural - social - educational factors The development of the economy often involves many changes in culture and society. The market economy and the context of global integration; the "invasion" of foreign trends, cultural movement, lifestyle ... has strongly influenced morality and behaviors of young people, including high school students. In addition to the positive, healthy views and lifestyle, there are also emerging unusual, eccentric manifestations, activities, and lifestyle; the decline of idealism, disorientation, dependency, hybridity, negative psychological reactions, even sin. Remarkably, the recent increase in the phenomenon of girls gathering to fight, humiliating friends or the problems of pupils, students using ecstasy, duplicating sex tapes, faking documents, fake testing, blackmailing through the phone, etc. also increased very fast. There are many objective and subjective causes for students to make mistakes, sometimes even cost a lifetime. Part of this is because of the families being cluttered and shattered, antiscientific parenting, lack of parenting; another reason is the powerless management levels that lack of control and of timely prevention of harmful behaviors, lifestyle and culture. In order to restrict and prevent this situation, it is necessary to have the cooperation of the whole society, especially the management organizations, functional ministries and agencies. 3.1.3. Family - school factor The impact from the family, from the tradition, order, the family’s cultural environment, the method of education of children, the example of parents, siblings, etc. always directly influenced the formation of ethics, personalities and lifestyle of students. In fact, high school students have formed groups of rich and poor children, group of "good" and "isolated" students with different attitudes, characteristics and lifestyles. It is obviously not rich, being conditional or unconditional, etc. but the orientation and the way of education and care of the parents that is the decisive factor for the development of personality of the children. The school also plays a very important role. In high schools in Hanoi, teacher-student relationships, friends, co-workers, relationships with delegations, associations and activities are obligatory, etc. all are strictly regulated, illustrating ethical and cultural values and norms, etc. However, at present, there has been the degradation of morality, diminution in competence and professional qualification, 15 behaviors of a great number of teachers and students have caused a deep concern to not only the society, the education sector but also to families. This situation requires the timely settlement of sanctions and resolutions. 3.1.4. Other factors Among other factors that directly affect high school students in general and high school students in Hanoi in particular, changes in educational mechanisms and policies and the situation of widespread unemployment ... have the most direct and strongest influence. Innovations in content, curriculum, teaching methods, examination and assessment, renovation of examinations, etc. as the Ministry of Education and Training has done recently are necessary, but still involve many inadequacies that is lack of uniformity, lack of publicity, resulting in confusion for many students and parents. In addition, the poor quality of education of many universities also makes the students disappointed, being skeptical and distrustful of the country's education system. This insecurity, doubting, and distrust affect not only the students' cultural and spiritual life in some years, but throughout their lifetime. 3.2. THE ACTUAL SITUATION OF CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL LIFE OF HANOI HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS 3.2.1. The cultural and spiritual demand of high school students in Hanoi Interest, demand, requests for spiritual culture of Hanoi high school students is somewhat higher; the nature and extent is also different than that of high school students in other provinces. Through the surveys, we can see that there are three outstanding needs of high school students in Hanoi, namely: the need to assert themselves; the need for creativity and dedication; and the need to enjoy the arts. Hanoi high school students have a high demand to assert themselves Out of the needs of high school students in Hanoi, the first need to mention is the need to assert themselves as adults, to express their opinions and feelings; to be respected and evaluated properly. In order to understand this need, we come up with 9 points (question 10) on how parents take care of their children, from which to grasp how they want their parents to see themselves; how best to protect and care for them, that is appropriate to the status and current capacity of the age group. Regarding attitudes, ways and methods of teaching, educating and motivating children, most of students (see comments 9, 403, 84%) agree and would like parents not to scold and expect too high, to only encourage, create a happy mood for the children to learn and strive. In addition to the desire to affirm roles and positions in the family, high school students in Hanoi also have the need to express their own attitudes, feelings and opinions on many issues, including the evaluation of the types of people, lifestyles, and human behaviors in life. When being asked 16 about "sensitive", "hot" issues, for example, question 7: You are very fond of trendy people who use famous brands, and question 8: You agree with view of living together before marriage, the number of votes of agree/disagree respectively is 146/247 and 163/248. It is clearly that, behind these bold, straightforward answers, there seems to have been a shift in the perceptions and awareness of high school students in Hanoi on genders, love, sexuality, etc. This is also a fact. Hanoi high school students have the need for creativity and dedication In the 15 points of Question 4 about the needs and interests of high school students in Hanoi, the answer Yes to the field of tourism, fashion, cuisine ... play the majority. Some other questions related to difficult issues, requiring competencies, conditions and creative and dedicated spirit such as scientific research, historical studies, religion ..., the number of responses Yes and No if equal, in some cases the number of answer No is even higher than the number of Yes answer. Here is an example of some of the statistical results that children recognize as Yes, which is numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, out of which 1 (point 1): Become good children, good student, good citizen; 2 (point 5): Reading books, watching movies, being a social researcher; 3 (point 6): Scientific research to serve the country; 4 (point 7): sightseeing, tourism, study of the landscape, cultural environment; 5 (point 8): becoming a researcher of art, fashion designer; 6 (point 9): Understanding, studying of the culinary culture of the nation. In general, in this respect, most high school students in Hanoi are like all friends of the same age, still first and foremost are only growing up young people, many aspirations but also many dreams and tend to be fearful of difficulties. High school students in Hanoi have a high demand for modern forms of culture and art According to the survey, high school students in Hanoi are interested in enjoying modern forms of art such as American movies, Korean films, Pop music, Rap music, young music, hip hop dance, etc. Folk performances like classical drama, traditional operetta, melodrama, love duet; folk songs in different regions ... are the art forms that are not popular with high school students in Hanoi. Out of the 489 respondents, only 10% said they liked it very much, 10 to 30% liked it; and dislike response accounts for a large proportion, from 42 to 58%. The results show that watching action movies, listening to young music, pop music, hip hop dance ... is a movement of mental culture of the youth, for the youth, that is suitable to the psychology and interests of the students. There is a demand for many things, but they need and like what is practical, can meet or be met, it is common sight of the majority of Hanoi high school students in recent years. 17 3.2.2. Spiritual and cultural activities of high school students in Hanoi Hanoi high school students with cultural activities organized by the schools These activities are quite diverse, such as learning clubs, scientific research contests, poetry writing, seminars, shows, fashion designing... Of the 13 points in Table 6, only points 1 (Composition of poetry, music, painting), 2 (Costume Design), 3 (Research, design of furniture for personal use in learning and living, and 7 (Having/usually participate in scientific programs chaired by teachers) that are consistent with the nature and content of the research and creation activities; remaining points are only relating. The number of attendance confirmed is not many, but is evenly spread out in the surveyed schools, because this activity requires talent and ability in research and creativity. There are three activities (points 4, 5, 6) that the thesis’ author would like to emphasize as a highlight of cultural activities of high school students in Hanoi that is visitation of teachers and friends activities; volunteering activities and networking activities. These activities have been steadily maintained, in various forms, and are meaningful and rewarding. An activity in which children participate actively is charity and volunteer. According to the statistic results, the number of regularly answer (119 children, accounting for 24.3%) and occasionally (203 children, accounting for 41.5%). Particularly, activities of donating, supporting and sharing difficulties with people and pupils in drought and flood-stricken areas, according to the leaders of schools, 100% of high school students in the four survey

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