Tiếng Anh 10 revision

84. 'Would you like _________ lunch with us?' `Yes, I'd love to.'

A. have B. to have C. having, D. had

85. 'Ms. Jones, please type those letters before noon’. - 'They've already _________ sir. They're on your desk.'

A. typed B. been typed C. being typed D. been being typed

86. 'What a beautiful dress you're wearing!' – ‘Thank .you. It _________ especially for me by a French tailor.'

A. is made B. has made C. made D. was made

87. 'You look tired.” - "Well, if you ___________ me up in middle of the night , I __________so tired.'

A. didn't wake - wouldn't have been C. hadn't woken - wouldn't be

B. hadn't woken - wouldn't have been D. don't wake - won't be

88. 'Why are you sitting in the dark?'

- `Let's just say that if I __________ my electricity bill last month, I _________ in the dark now.'

A. paid - wouldn't be C. paid - won't be

B. had paid - wouldn't have been D. had paid - wouldn't be

89. All the students _____________ do well in writing.

A. whom Mr. Davis teaches them B. which Mr. Davis teaches

B. that Mr. David teaches them D. whom Mr. Davis teaches


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d won the Nobel Prize. A. who B. whom C. whose D. that 69. My friend, _________ hates travelling, refused to go with me to Ha Long Bay. A. who B. whose C. that D. whom 70. After a lot of difficulty, he ____________ to open the door. A. managed B. succeeded C. obtained D. realised 71. We___________Betty since she moved to our neighbourhood. A. had known B. knew C. have known D. know 72. There will be a shortage of water_______it rains. A. inspite B. if C. because D. unless 73. What will happen if the air________? A. was polluted B. be polluted C. is polluted D. has polluted 74. What ________ happen if there were no plants on earth ? A. will B. would C. did D. could 75. If we_______aware enough of the importance of the environment, we will respect it and try to protect it. A. were B. are C. will be D. are not 76. If Linda________her the money, Sophie wouldn't have bought the stereo system. A. hadn't lent B. didn't lend C. hasn't lent D. doesn't lend 77. If Hung_______smoking, he would have improved his health. A. gives up B. has given up C. gave up D. had given up 78. Tourists_____________to have camp-fire in the forest. A. are threatened B. was banned C. are told D. are not allowed 79. Gold_____________ in California in the nineteenth century. A. was discovered B. has been discovered C. was discover D. they discovered 80. The boss told his scretary ________________ jeans to the office. A. does not wear B. do not wear C. not wear D. not to wear 81. The president said that he _______________ the following week because of his age and health. A. will resign B. would resign C. resigned D. had resigned 82. If anyone ______________, ________________ him I have been away for some days. A. will call – tell B. call – will tell C. calls – tell D. calls – will tell 83. Sea water is salty. If the oceans __________ of fresh water, there __________ plenty of water to irrigate all of the deserts in the world. A. consisted-would be B. consisted-were C. consist - will be D. would consist - could be 84. 'Would you like _________ lunch with us?' `Yes, I'd love to.' A. have B. to have C. having, D. had 85. 'Ms. Jones, please type those letters before noon’. - 'They've already _________ sir. They're on your desk.' A. typed B. been typed C. being typed D. been being typed 86. 'What a beautiful dress you're wearing!' – ‘Thank .you. It _________ especially for me by a French tailor.' A. is made B. has made C. made D. was made 87. 'You look tired.” - "Well, if you ___________ me up in middle of the night , I __________so tired.' A. didn't wake - wouldn't have been C. hadn't woken - wouldn't be B. hadn't woken - wouldn't have been D. don't wake - won't be 88. 'Why are you sitting in the dark?' - `Let's just say that if I __________ my electricity bill last month, I _________ in the dark now.' A. paid - wouldn't be C. paid - won't be B. had paid - wouldn't have been D. had paid - wouldn't be 89. All the students _____________ do well in writing. A. whom Mr. Davis teaches them B. which Mr. Davis teaches B. that Mr. David teaches them D. whom Mr. Davis teaches 90. ____________ to music is a great way to relax. A. To listen B. Listening C. Listen D. To listening 91. I think Germany ____________ the gold cup in the 2010World Cup. A. will win B. is winning C. is going to win D. wins 92. Have you ever played bridge ? - Yes, we _______________ all the time when we was in college . A. would have played B. had played C. have played D. used to play 93. My daughter saw an elephant this morning but she _____ one before. A. had never seen B. has never seen C. never sees D. never had seen 94. The flood water _________________ by barriers at the moment. A. is keeping back B. has been kept C. is being kept back D. is keeped back 95. These shirts are clean. They ___________________________ . A. have been washed B. have washed C. washed D. were washed 96. “Romeo and Juliet” _________________ one of Shakespeare’s best works. A. consider B. considered C. are considered D. is considered 97. Her paintings ______________ by her childhood in rural New York. A. inspired B. was inspired C. were inspired D. is inspired 98. We are too late. The plane .......... off ten minutes ago A. took B. has taken C. had taken D. was taking 99. She said that she ............. a new house then. A. is building B. was building C. built D. had built 100. In 1664, the English took ..............the city and renamed it New York. A. after B. up C. in D. over II. Choose the one word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct 1. My dream is buy a castle in the countryside. A B C D 2. Her father told her take the dog for a walk after breakfast. A B C D 3. What would happen if the temperature is warmer? A B C D 4. When it was first establish in 1973, it consisted of only two hectares of land. A B C D 5. It's difficult for me decide whether I should accept the job or not. A B C D 6. If he fails the final exam, he woudn't be able to graduate. A B C D 7. You would be welcome to join in our staff if you changed your mind. A B C D 8. If you left the milk out of the fridge in this weather, it will go off. A B C D 9. Music plays an importance part in our life. A B C D 10. Mickey Mouse is one of main character in Walt Disney films. A B C D 11. There are many foreign films with subtitles in TV. A B C D 12. The children were so amusing at the cartoon that they couldn't help laughing. A B C D 13. Hollywood is a capital city of movie in the United States. A B C D 14. Everything would have been all right if you did not make such a mistake. A B C D 15. To live healthily we should do exercises regularly and stop smoke. A B C D 16. He works at Heathrow Airport, that is one of the biggest airports in the world. A B C D 17. Da Lat, where is located on High Land, is famous for mild climate. A B C D 18. Despite she didn't understand what the man who stopped her on the street wanted, she tried to be helpful. A B C D 19. If you had the chance to meet famous writers, what do you ask them? A B C D 20. If they offered you the job, will you accept it? A B C D 21. It was not until his father came home which he did his homework. . A B C D 22. It is estimated that much of a teenager's time is spending chatting on the Internet. A B C D 23. The sky is getting really dark and it'll storm. A B C D 24. The final match starts at 7:30, so I think I go . A B C D 25. After a week, we finally got to Miami, which my grandparents live A B C D 26. Louisa May Alcott, she is best known for her books for children, served as a nurse during the Civil war. A B C D 27. Despite she is poor she always buys me a birthday present. A B C D 28. I don't know the name of the woman whom I spoke on the phone last night. A B C D 29. Because of rain or snow, there are always more than fifty thousand fans at football games. A B C D 30. It was an extremely frightened experience in my life. A B C D 31. The painting, Sun Flower, which painted by Van Gogh, was stolen many times. A B C D 32. Einstein’s theory of relativity is well – knew all over the world. A B C D 33. If she bought that house now, she ran out of money. A B C D 34. She is tired with being asked the same things every day. A B C D 35. Would you mind lend me your motorbike until next week? A B C D 36. One of the best ways to stay healthy are to do exercises every morning. A B C D 37. If he weren’t too old, he would apply to the job as a war reporter. A B C D 38. Huong used to living in Hanoi, but her job required her to move to another city. A B C D 39. To planting trees is a custom of Vietnamese people during Tet holiday. A B C D 40. We had better to review this lesson carefully because we will have some questions on it. A B C D PART 3: READING I. Read the passage and choose the best answer to each question. A. Weather has a powerful effect on people. It influences health, intelligence, and feelings. In August, it is very hot and wet in the southern part of the United States. Southerners have many heart attacks or other kinds of health problems during this month. In the Northeast and the Middle West, it is very hot at some time and very cold at other. Weather changes in February or March. The weather can influence intelligence, for example, in a 1928 study by scientists, the IQ score of undergraduate college students were very high during the hurricane but after the storm, their scores were 10 percent below average. Hurricanes can increase intelligence. Very hot weather, on the other hand, can lower it. Students in the United States often do badly in exams in the hot months of the year. Weather also has a strong influence on people's feelings. Winter may be a bad time for thin people; they usually feel cold during these months. They might feel depressed during cold weather. In hot summer weather, on the other hand, fat people may feel unhappy. At about 64°F, people become stronger. Low air pressure relaxes people. It increases forgetfulness; people leave more packets and umbrellas on buses and in stores on low-pressure days. There is a "perfect weather" for work and health. People feel best at a temperature of about 64°F with present humidity. Are you feeling sick, sad tired, forgetful, or very intelligent today? The weather may be the cause. 1. Low air pressure _________________ A. relaxes people B. makes people feel stronger C. causes heart attacks D. depresses fat people 2. Intelligence may increase because of _________________ A. very hot weather B. very wet weather C. low air pressure D. hurricanes 3. In "perfect weather" of 64°F _________________ A. fat people feel cold B. people are in better health C. people are very forgetful D. thin people feel cold 4. The main idea of the passage is_________________ A. weather has a strong effect on people C. there is a "perfect weathers" for work and health B. low air pressure relaxes people D. after the storm, people's IQ scores were 10% below average 5. In hot and wet weather, _________________ A. has many heart attacks C. people get sick very easily B. the climate always changes D. people get angry easily B. Who are the best drivers? Which drivers are the safest on the roads? According to a recent survey, young and inexperienced drivers are the most likely to have an accident. Older drivers are more careful. Young men have the worst accident records of all. They often choose faster cars with bigger engines. One of the most interesting facts in the survey is that passengers have an effect on the driver. When young male drivers have their friends in the car, their driving becomes worse. When their wife or girlfriend is in the car, however, their driving is better. But opposite is true for women. Their driving is more dangerous when their husband or boyfriend is in the car. 1. Who have an effect on the driver? A. Journalists B. Children C. Passengers D. Policemen 2. According to the survey, who are the most likely to have an accident? A. Young and old drivers. C. Old and inexperienced drivers. B. Young and inexperienced drivers. D. Young and experienced drivers. 3. When young male drivers have their wife or girlfriend in the car, they drive _______________ A. better B. more slowly C. faster D. worse 4. The word "opposite" in the second last sentence is closest in meaning to ____________. A. contrary B. similar C. important D. different 5. Young men often choose _____________________. A. expensive cars. C. fast cars with big engines. B. slow cars with big engines. D. fast cars with small engines. C. Of all the natural wonders of the world, few are as spectacular as Niagara Falls. Located on the Niagara River along the border between the United States and Canada, Niagara Falls actually consists of two falls, the American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls. The former is on the US side of the border, in the state of New York, while the latter is on the Canadian side. About 85% of the water in Niagara River flows over the Horseshoe Falls, which is the more impressive of the two falls. About 10 million people visit the falls each year, most during the summer tourist season. Sightseers can ride steamers up close to the boiling water of the falls, or view them from parks on both sides, of the river. Niagara Fall has long been a popular honeymoon destination for newlyweds. 1. Which of the following is entirely on the US side of the border with Canada? A. Niagara River B. American Falls C. Niagara Falls D. Horseshoe Falls 2. It can be inferred from the passage that Horseshoe Falls _______________ A. is the larger of the two falls C. has 85% of the Niagara River flowing over its edge B. is the less impressive fall D. is in the state of New York 3. According to the passage, where can people watch the falls? A. From trains. B. From airplanes. C. From parks or boats. D. From cars or buses. 4. The word "them" in the second paragraph refers to _______________ A. steamers B. sightseers C. parks D. waterfalls 5. According to the passage, Niagara Falls ___________________ A. is a favourite spot of newlyweds C. can be viewed from only one side of the Niagara Falls B. generates very hot water D. is only impressive during the summer tourist season D. Football is one of the world's most popular sports. People have played the game for hundreds of years and almost every country has a national football team. A football match consists of two teams with eleven players on each side. Each team is on one half of the pitch at the start of the game. When the referee blows his whistle, the game begins. The object of the game is to score goals against the other team. A goal is scored by putting the ball in the other team's net, either with your foot or head. Each football match lasts for ninety minutes. There is a half-time break after forty-five minutes which lasts for about fifteen minutes. The team that has scored the most goals by the end of the match is the winner. If no team has scored a goal, the match is called a draw. The goalkeeper is the person who stands between the goalposts and tries to stop people scoring goals. He is the only player who can touch the ball with his hands. The ball is not allowed to go outside the lines of the pitch. If it does, the game stops for a short time. 1. A football match starts when _______________________ A. both teams are on the pitch C. the referee blows his whistle B. each team is on one half of the pitch D. Everybody is ready. 2. How long does a football game last? A. A quarter of an hour. C. three quarters of an hour. C. One hour and a quarter. D. One and a half hour. 3. A match is called a draw if _______________________ A. both teams score lots of goals C. no goals have been scored B. all the players score goals D. one team scored more goals than the other 4. What’s the goalkeeper’s job? A. He must stand between the goalposts. C. He must try to stop goals with his feet. B. He must try to stop the ball going into the net. D. He must not go outside the goalposts. 5. Which of the following sentence is true? A. All the players can throw the ball with his hands. B. The players are not allowed to go outside the lines of the pitch. C. The game stops for a while when the ball goes outside the line of the pitch. D. A goal is scored by putting the ball in the other team's net with only the foot E. Rock and Roll came from jazz and blues during the 1950s. One of the first rock and roll songs was Bill Haley’s “Rock Around the Clock”. One of the first very famous rock and roll singer was Elvis Presley. Others were Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry. Now, almost every country has many rock and roll bands and singers. Sometimes performers call their music by different names, like “rap” or “punk”. They sing and play mixtures of rock and roll and talking or other sounds. “Rap” and “punk” both came from rock and roll, or “rock music”. Some fan who like rock music think classical music is boring . Many fans play rock music very loudly. They forgot about the people who enjoy soft music. Loud music can make these people nervous. Many fans also like to dance to rock and roll. When rock and roll was new, people had only records to play the music at home. After that, we used cassette tapes and records. Now, we listen to music on compact discs. Most modern bands and singers use companies to make videos of their songs. With videos, fans can see the performers at the same time they listen to music. Making a recording and the video that goes with it is very expensive. 1. Bill Haley’s “Rock Around the Clock” was one of the first ______________________. A. rock and roll songs B. rap songs C. blues songs D. jazz songs 2. “Rap” is a mixture of _________________________. A. rock and roll B. jazz and blues C. talking and other sounds D. rock roll and talking 3. Which of the following isn’t mentioned in the passage ? A. Many fans like their rock music loud. B. Anyone who enjoys soft music dislikes rock music. C. Some rock and roll fans thinks classical music is boring . D. Many rock and roll fans like to dance to the music. 4. The first rock and roll fans listened to “Rock Around the Clock” on a _______________. A. video B. compact disc C. cassette D. record 5. Rock and roll began over __________________ years ago. A. ten C. twenty-five C. fifty D. one hundred II. Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D ) to complete the passage A. An increasing number of people are now going on holiday to Egypt. Last year, for example, about one and a half million (1) _____ visited Egypt. The (2) _____ of Egypt is about fifty million and the (3) _____ is El Qahira (Cairo), a busy city of just under nine million people. Although the (4) _____ is hot and dry and most of the country is desert, the average (5) _____ from October to March is not too high. The most (6) _____ sights are pyramids at Giza. However, it is also pleasant to (7) _____ Alexandria, Port Said and several other places and do as much (8)_____ as possible in the time available. A trip to Luxor is (9) _____ unforgettable experience, and there are frequent (10) _____ there from Cairo. 1. A. explorers B. voyagers C. tourists D. passengers 2. A. people B. town C. nation D. population 3. A. principal B. head C. state D. capital 4. A. temperature B. climate C. condition D. position 5. A. weather B. measure C. climate D. temperature 6. A. famous B. known C. visited D. asked 7. A. search B. require C. examine D. visit 8. A. viewing B. seeing C. sightseeing D. looking 9. A. a B. an C. the D. ø 10. A. flights B. travels C. journeys D. trips B. THE THREAT TO THE ENVIRONMENT Nowadays people are more aware that wildlife all over the world is in danger. Many (1) ______ of animals are threatened, and could easily become (2) ______ if we do not make an effort to protect them. There are many (3)____ for this. In some cases, animals are hunted for their fur or for other valuable parts of their bodies. Some birds, such as parrots, are caught (4)____ and sold as pets. For many animals and birds, the problem is that their habitat - the (5)____ they live - is disappearing. More (6)____ is used for farms, for houses or industry, and there are fewer open (7)____ than there once were. Farmers use powerful chemicals to help them grow better (8)____, but these chemicals pollute the environment and (9)____ the wildlife. The most successful animals on earth- human beings- will soon be the only ones left, unless we can (10)____this problem 1. A. marks B. more C. species D. forms 2. A. disappeared B. vanished C. empty D. extinct 3. A. reasons B. causes C. results D. effects 4. A. lively B. alive C. for life D. for living 5. A. spot B. point C. place D. site 6. A. earth B. land C. soil D. area 7. A. spaces B. air C up D. parts 8. A. products B. fields C. herbs D. crops 9. A. spoil B. harm C wound D. wrong 10. A. answer B. calculate C. solve D. explain C. These days it is (1) ________ to open a newspaper without reading about the damage we are (2) ________ to the environment. The earth is being threatened and the future looks bad. What can each of us do? We cannot (3)______ our polluted rivers and seas overnight. Nor can we (4) ______ the disappearance of plants and animals. But we can stop adding (5) ______ the problem while scientists search for answers, and laws are (6) ______ in nature's defence. It may not be easy to change your lifestyle completely, but some steps are easy to (7) ______ : cut down the amount of driving you do, or use as little plastic as possible. It is also easy to save energy, (8) ______ also reduces household bills. We must all (9) ______ a personal decision to work for the future of our planet if we want to ensure a better (10) ______ for our grandchildren. 1. A. impossible B. unable C. unnecessary D. unlikely 2. A. making B. having C. doing D. taking 3. A. clean up B. clean out C. clean from D. clean down 4. A. put an end to B. stop C. eliminate D. abandon 5. A. up B. to C. on D. and 6. A. laid B. given C. put D. passed 7. A. mind B. have C. make D. take 8. A. this B. that C. which D. it 9. A. come B. arrive C. make D. give 10. A. world B. region C. area D. land D. CARTOON FILMS Cartoon films have very few limits. If you can draw something you can (1)________ it move on the cinema screen. The use (2)________ new ideas and advanced computer programs means that cartoons are becoming exciting again for people of (3)________ ages. By the (4)________ of the 1970s, the cinema world had decided that cartoons were only for children. But soon (5)________, one or two directors had some original new ideas. They proved that it was possible to make films in which both adults and children could (6)________ the fun. However, not (7)________ cartoon film was successful. The Black Cauldron, for example, failed, mainly because it was too (8)________ for children and too childish for adults. Directors learnt from this (9)________ and the film companies began to make large (10)________ of money again. 1. A. get B. cause C. wish D. make 2. A. for B. of C. with D. by 3. A. more B. other C. all D. these 4. A. end B. finish C. departure D. back 5. A. afterwards B. later C. next D. then 6. A. divide B. add C. mix D. share 7. A. every B. both C. any D. each 8. A. nervous B. fearful C. afraid D. frightening 9. A. damage B. crime C. mistake D. fault 10. A. accounts B. amounts C. numbers D. totals E. MY HOME TOWN I was born in London but my family moved to Liverpool when I was two, so that's really my home town. It's a large, industrial city (1)_______ the north-west coast of England, with a population of over half a million people. Liverpool's a lovely city (2)_______ it's quite dirty and polluted and there are a lot of poor areas. (3)_______ some beautiful parks, some modern shopping centers and two cathedrals. There isn't a beach and in the summer people go to Blackpool for their holidays. There's (4)_______ nightlife especially on Fridays and Saturdays, with (5)_______ music in a lot of pubs. The weather here isn't wonderful. The winter's quite long and it rains (6)_______. Sometimes we have good weather in the summer but not always. Liverpool is famous for the Beatles. Every year a lot of tourists come to visit the Beatles Museum and to see the nightclub (7)_______ they first played. The city's also famous for its football teams. Every Saturday, (8)_______ people go to Anfield to see Liverpool FC and Goodison Park to see Everton. But the (9)_______ thing about Liverpool is the people. Liverpudlians have a special sense of humour. Although a lot of people in Liverpool are (10)_______, they're still very positive. They're friendlier than people in other parts of England. Liverpool isn't the most beautiful in the world, but .I love living here. I wouldn't like to live anywhere else. 1. A. in B. on C. to D. near 2. A. but B. however C. also D. yet 3. A. This has B. That has C. They have D. It has 4. A. lot of B. a lot of C. lots D. much of 5. A. lively B. live C. living D. alive 6. A. a lot B. a lot of C. Jots D. lots of 7. A. which B. in that C. where D. with which 8. A. thousand B. thousands C. thousands of D. thousand of 9. A. best B. better C. most D. more 10. A. no job B. out of job C. out of order D. out of work Part 4: Writing I. Choose one option that best rewrites

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