Bài giảng unit 1 a day in life of..

3. While you listen;

T sets the scene; Mr Lam is a cyclo driverin Ho Chi Minh city. Lets get his routine. What does he do in his job?

Task 1:

T asks sts to study the pictures and listen to Mr Lams talk about his daily routine and number the pictures in their correct order.

T plays the tape several time if necessary.

T asks sts tocompare their answer with a friend.

T gets feedback and gives correct answers: (a3 b5 c4 d6 e1 f2).

Task 2:

T asks sts to read the statements carefully.

T play the tape again and asks sts tolisten and decide whether the statements are true or false.


T calls some sts to explain their answers.

T gives the right answer.

1. F (not given) 2. T.

3. F (He takes his passengers from district 5 to district 1.)

4. F (His first passenger is an old man)

5. F (He has lunch at a food stall near Ben Thanh market)

6. He takes a short rest)

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