Tài liệu bồi dưỡng học sinh giỏi Tiếng Anh Lớp 7

a. I think it may rain.

It looks as if .

b. The house may have been occupied for several months.

It looks as if .

c. It may solve my problem, but I havent just had time to read it.

Perhaps it

d. If I am lucky I may get the job I have applied for.

Theres .

e. The strikers may go back to work next week.

In all

f. Over the years one may become an authority on ones hobby.

Over the years it is quite

g. They might have a party at the Town Hall.

They probably .

h. Mr Greys business may be better than he says it is.

It is possible .

i. George may work in a bank.

It is possible

j. Mr and Mrs Grey may have dinner in a cheaper restaurant now.

It is possible .


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