Tiếng |Anh 10 unit 9 undersea world

. Warm- up: (5 minutes)

- Ask Ps to discuss some ideas to preserve the sea environment.

- Check and lead Ps to the lesson.

II. Pre-listening ( 11 minutes)

- Ask Ps to discuss and answer 2 questions:


* Do you think whales are fish? Why?

* Why do people keep hunting whales?

- Introduce some new words.

- Ask Ps to listen and repeat them.

III. While- listening ( 22 minutes)

- Ask Ps to read the sentences and find new words.

- Explain if there are any new words.

- Lead to the lesson: You will hear some information about whales, then do the tasks.

Task 1:

- Turn on the radio the first time.

- Ask Ps to do task 1. Decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F).

- Walk round and help Ps.

- Turn on the radio the second time.

Conduct the correction

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