Bài tập Tiếng Anh 9

Fill in the blank space with the correct from of the words in parentheses :

27- Listen ____________ please. (care)

28- The website is not ______________ for teenagers. It’s ____________ (use)

29- The Internet has _______________ developed nowadays. (increase)

30- The Internet is one of the most important _____________ of our life. (invent)

31- Everyone has their _____________ which are hardly recognized by themselves. (limit)

32- Their ______________ is always good. (communicate)

33- She is a ________________ girl. (communicate)

34- We’re worried about the _______________ here. (pollute)

35- Our boys play ________________ today. (disappoint)

36- We’re ________________ that our environment is spoiled. (disappoint)


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