Unit 11 national parks

Task 1:

(?) Find the word in the passages that best suits each of the following definitions.

T asks sts to check their answer in pairs.

T calls some sts present and explain their answer.

T gives the right answer: (2. cotain 3. species 4. survival 5. sud-tropical 6. contamination).

Task 2:

T gives instruction: You have to read the passage again and answer the questions in the textbook.


T checks sts answer and give the right answer.

(1. 200 spare km.

2. Because the rainy season is over.

3. They can learn about the habits of animals, how to recognise the different species of animals and plants, and how one species is dependent upon another for survival.

5. In the orphanage, orphaned or abandoned are taken care of.

6. Because of the toxic levels of chemicals in the water.

7. Plants and animals will die

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