Commentary style of journalist Hoang Tung

He looked at the whole event under the eyes of a commentary author, expressed in

commentary language and manipulated the work by means of commentary.

Constantly creating and exploring the movements of the time, Hoang Tung's works

show a broad vision. He dared to straightly write the truth and dare to take

responsibility for what he wrote because first of all, he was a journalist who respected

objective truth and at the same time an expert, a researcher. The political -

philosophical knowledge that he offers is unacademic, non-dogmatic, nonstereotypical but very close, easy to understand and is always hot news.

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journalist Minh Nguyen published in Online Newspaper of the Communist Party of Vietnam on June 19, 2017. 3.2. The researches on the commentary style of journalist Hoang Tung In the morning of January 19, 2015, at the head office of Nhan Dan Newspaper (71 Hang Trong, Hanoi), the Vietnam Journalists Association coordinates with Nhan Dan Newspaper to organize the Conference: "Journalist Hoang Tung with Vietnam's revolutionary journalism". Through this Conference, Vietnam Journalists Association would like to create a forum for scientists to meet and exchange the issues about the history of Vietnamese journalism and to thank the great contributions of journalist Hoang Tung on Party's ideological front. In June 2017, Ha Nam Province's Party 8 Committee coordinates with Nhan Dan Newspaper to organize Scientific Conference "Hoang Tung Journalist with His Ha Nam hometown and homeland" on the occasion of 92-year anniversary of Vietnam's Revolutionary Journalism (21/06/1925- 21/06/2017) and 7 years of date of death of journalist Hoang Tung (29/06/2010 - 29/06/2017). The conference is to thank and honor the great contributions of journalist Hoang Tung to his hometown of Ha Nam, to the country, to the revolutionary journalism. CHAPTER 1 LITERATURE REVIEW ON THE COMMENTARY STYLE AND PERSONAL STYLE OF THE COMMENTARY JOURNALIST 1.1. Approaching perspectives and concepts of the commentary and personal style of the commentary journalist 1.1.1. Commentary style Definition of style In fact, there are many different concepts about "style". However, basically, when giving the concepts of "style", the authors also pay attention to the most prominent and relatively stable characteristics formed during the creation of the work. The style helps us to recognize the "unique" of the great authors, thereby making a name for the author in the public. The style can be defined as follows: The style is understood as the outstanding and sustainable characteristics of the author on the content, ideology, topic and expression form, etc that are shown successfully during the process of creating the work Definition of commentary There are many different viewpoints about the commentary. However, most of the viewpoints on the commentary focus on expressing a common function of analyzing, commenting, discussing, expressing viewpoints and proving and protecting the viewpoints given related to any pieces of information, events and issues on current affairs, politics and society, etc. 9 The dissertation is the type of document discussing hot and pressing issues in the political, economic, cultural and social life in order to attract the attention and follow-up of the public as well as to convince the public to think, realize and take action according to the author's wishes. Definition of journalistic commentary Despite approaching in any angles or viewpoints, it can be seen that a journalistic commentary is a group of journalistic categories whose basic characteristics are to analyze, comment and explain a political, social and cultural issue concerned with the arguments to convince the public to learn, believe and take action according to the viewpoints given by the author and the journalism agency Definition of commentary style The research shows, commentary style is understood as the outstanding and sustainable characteristics of ideological content, themes, forms of expression ... that have been successfully shown in the work of journalism creation to express the opinion of journalists on a certain issue in the field of politics and society, with arguments to convince the public to create and orient public opinion the public opinion. ” 1.1.2. Approaching perspectives on personal style Approaching perspective of Linguistics From a linguistic perspective, it can be understood that style is the characteristics of the way of expressing someone's way of speaking and writing. Approaching perspective of Literacy In literary theory, the terminology "style" refers to the writing characteristics of a writer, a work or a literary trend, etc. The style includes a number of poetic issues, in which there are world views and artistic creativity personalities of the writer or writers of the same trend. Approaching perspective of Journalism 10 From the perspective of a journalist, the style of a journalist is the creation style of him/her, which clearly shows the professionalism in the way of writing, choosing the topic and responding to the situation. The style of a journalist is a combination of the ability, unique personality and the process of exploring, learning new things, renewing continuously, working and creating. 1.1.3. Definition and characteristics of personal style of a commentary journalist Definition of personal style of a commentary journalist Basing on the analysis: The personal style of a commentary journalist is a concept that refers to the characteristics in the process of creating commentary works. It contains many characteristics of the world view, the way of approaching the content, unique personality and the characteristics of the form of expression of the work content such as language, artistic techniques, structure, tone, etc. Reasoning, solemn, logical information and the way of arguing issues by analyzing the views based on precise and convincing evidences are centralized features of the style of the commentary journalist. Characteristics of personal style of commentary journalists Stability The personal style of the commentary journalist is developed in a stable way on the basis of the relative consistency in viewpoint, world view, and approach to life as well as the way of expressing and approaching the contents of real life in every journalistic commentary work. Personalization and Particularization This style is personalized by the personality and soul of each author, distinguished by the individual "I" of each author. Unique distinctiveness 11 Unique distinctiveness is unique features, perspectives, approaches and ways of expressing their own colors, but satisfying the needs of the public. This unique distinctiveness is the element forming the style and becoming a basic characteristic of style. 1.2. Expressions of commentary style 1.2.1. The journalistic commentary style is expressed in terms of the content of the work The content of a commentary work is the entire objective reality, in which the center is human social reality. According to different criteria, it is possible to divide the content of the commentary work into different types. 1.2.2. The commentary style is expressed in terms of the form of works Art of naming (shocking headlines) works Title setting is also known as the title naming. Good titles should be attractive for readers. They are attractive thanks to appealing contents of the events and titles surprising the readers and bring to them the feeling of discovering hidden interesting things behind the titles. In addition, because of the ways of using unique and unusual words, the titles also draw the public’s attention. Therefore, the art of naming (headlines setting) is one of the styles of the commentary journalists. Structure of the work The tight structure in a journalistic commentary work is an indispensable requirement. The arrangement and presentation of the arguments in interpretative or inductive way should be carefully and intentionally planned and considered to ensure a tight structure. However, it is not recommended to be too strict, otherwise the works may become stereotyped, hard and not smooth. Flexibility to create new things makes the work more appealing. The art of words 12 Based on the textbook "Press Language" by Vu Quang Hao, the commentary style is considered based on three characteristics: word; syntax and expression method. Besides, tone is also an important factor that brings a success to a press work. 1.3. Factors affecting the shaping of the commentary journalist's personal style 1.3.1. Subjective factors affecting the shaping of the commentary journalist's personal style - Spiritual and personality aspects - World view, approach to life - Personal capacity, living experience, knowledge and aesthetics - Journalistic talent - Ideals of journalists 1.3.2. Objective factors affecting the shaping of the commentary journalist's personal style - Family, hometown - Objective reality and contemporary context - Living, studying and working environment Summary This is based on the research and reference of materials on linguistics, literature and journalism. After the research process, in chapter 1, the author systematized and clarified the theoretical issues about style, commentary style and journalistic commentary style. The author has systemized the approaching perspectives to personal style, personal style of commentary journalists; outlined definitions, characteristics of commentary journalists' personal style and the expression of journalistic commentary style. The author has studied and analyzed the factors that affect the shaping of the journalists' personal style. Since then, chapter 1 contributes to 13 enriching the basis of journalistic theories and is the foundation for the next research steps in chapter 2 and chapter 3 of the dissertation. CHAPTER 2 RECOGNIZING THE JOURNALISTIC COMMENTARY STYLE OF JOUNALIST HOANG TUNG 2.1. Factors affecting the process of forming journalistic commentary style of Journalist Hoang Tung 2.1.1. Subjective factors affecting the process of forming journalistic commentary style of Journalist Hoang Tung Family, hometown Excellent journalist Hoang Tung's real name is Tran Khanh Tho. He was born on January 14, 1920, in Tao Mon village, Hoa Hau commune, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province. Being early enlightened revolution, he spent his life following the communist ideals and made many contributions to the cause of fighting for independence and freedom, unification of the country, construction and protection of the Socialist Fatherland. The land of Tao Mon - Hoang Tung's homeland greatly influenced the formation of bravery, personality in his adolescence as well as throughout his life of revolutionary activities and journalism career. Objective reality and contemporary context The time and historical context contribute to creating a unique style of journalist Hoang Tung. The personal style of Journalist Hoang Tung during the war was propaganda, astute, eloquent, concise journalist who went into a life of resistance and made very timely description of the hot issues of the war to mobilize the people to believe and follow the guidelines and policies of the Party. Living, studying and working environment 14 From 1941 to 1945, in addition to being in charge of the youth movement, Hoang Tung also helped revolutionaries Nguyen Duy Trinh and Dang Viet Chau From 1941 to 1945, in addition to being in charge of the youth movement, Hoang Tung also helped revolutionaries Nguyen Duy Trinh and Dang Viet Chau write a transmission letter of denunciation on the crimes of the French colonialist. When the Party went public and was named Vietnam Labor Party, the "Truth" newspaper changed its name to "Nhan Dan" Newspaper. From 1951 to 1982, he was assigned to be in charge of the Office of the Party General Secretary and the Editor-in-Chief of Nhan Dan Newspaper, etc. Therefore, because of the work of managing and directing the press activities of the Party, Commentary Journalist Hoang Tung's style of writing is dyed with a leadership orientation and with the color of always thinking for the people and close to the readers. 2.1.2. Objective factors affecting the process of forming journalistic commentary style of Journalist Hoang Tung Spiritual and personality aspects The personal style of Commentary Journalist Hoang Tung shapes the author and is an indicator to recognize his works, received and acknowledged by the public. According to Journalist Phan Quang , "He used many pen names, sometimes improvised, thus always changing, and in editorial articles of the Party newspaper, whoever the author is, he or she signed two words "People", but the readers still recognizes Hoang Tung’s style ”. World view, approach to life Unlike other journalists, Hoang Tung has a unique way of looking at and approaching an issue. Assoc. Nguyen Van Dung writes about Hoang Tung: "His arguments of reasoning, commenting, criticizing and struggling always have "root" from the previous work of classic writers or from real moving life, attracting listeners by the depths of sharp and sensitive reasoning – practical thinking. Hoang Tung often approaches an issue in the way of chronological method combined with synchronical 15 method; in the way of applying knowledge synthesized from economy - politics - culture - society to illuminate an issue of ideological work” Personal capacity, living experience, knowledge and aesthetics Personal capacity expressed in the talent of the author, which are the capacity of thinking, expressing information through the way of conveying the message by artistic methods, the ability to use words to interpret author's messages, views and ideas The sharpness of thinking, understanding with extensive knowledge and fundamental aesthetic values of Hoang Tung are key factors that form a unique style of a commentary journalist. Journalistic talent In his journalism career, Journalist Hoang Tung wrote thousands of articles. He is an experienced commentary journalist, so it is easy to see subjective creation through his writing pages. Hoang Tung did not deliberately and absolutely put his "I" in his works, but his way of thinking, discussing, explaining the problem as well as the grammar and words were all capable of expressing and marking his own style. Ideals of journalists Journalist Hoang Tung is a journalist bearing ideals. Being serious with his career, strict to himself, sincere with his colleagues and absolute loyalty to the Party, to his leader and to his people are his most prominent and nicest ideals that have created his style of commentary. His revolutionary ideals and dedication to revolution were expressed in his articles with generosity, encouragement, and enthusiasm for his readers. Journalist Hoang Tung determines that journalism is making politics, so writing newspapers, especially writing commentary articles should serve political tasks and consider politics as center. 2.2. The style of commentary of Journalist Hoang Tung is expressed in terms of content of works 16 The style of commentary of journalist Hoang Tung is expressed in terms of the content of the works with themes such as: national heroes, important historical milestones, politics - society, direction of life activities, policies of the Party, great views. In Hoang Tung's works, portraits of national heroes appear to be homely but full of spirit as resilient Vietnamese people who represent a heroic generation to fight to protect the country. The survey shows that Journalist Hoang Tung wrote a lot of commentary articles expressing great views in the years of resistance. By the time of peace, his editorials focused on the issues of life to direct and orient social activities. He pursued the form of commentary on national heroes, anniversaries of important historical milestones and editorials about outstanding political-social events throughout his career. For any important event, historical milestone of the country, Hoang Tung always has appropriate articles. 2.3. The style of commentary of Journalist Hoang Tung is expressed in terms of form of work 2.3.1. Art of naming (shocking headlines) works Regarding the art of naming works, Hoang Tung has shown his ingenuity in using flexible and sharp language. The author himself has rich experience, rich vocabulary, and the strength in using words so his titles always strongly attract and impress readers. Moreover, the titles is very suitable for the type of commentary journalism: he expresses his attitude and comment right at the headline; states the solution, proposal immediately in the title of the article; generalizes the core content in the article in the headline; uses folks, idioms, proverbs as titles of articles; uses speech and words of the people; creates opposition, conflict in titles; makes questions right from the title of the article; repeats words and phrases in the titles,... His titles are very simple; he puts the titles in a way that they are closest and easiest to understand with the people. 2.3.2. Structure of the work The structure of Hoang Tung's works is both tight and clear, harmonious between the contents of an article, while expressing the author's own creation style when omitting 17 the introduction and ending and going directly to the great content of the article. Besides the flexible metamorphic structure, Hoang Tung is also very skillful in building a harmonious and logical structure for his whole work. Most paragraphs in Hoang Tung's main commentary works are unified and complete in content and form. The characteristic of this structure is the logic in semantics and strictness in structure. 2.3.3. Art of words Expressing language of the work Hoang Tung's language in his commentary works is a mixture of journalism and richly literary, historical and politic language. The commentary writing style dyed with literary values of Journalist Hoang Tung is also shown in his understanding of Vietnamese literature and art. In his journalistic commentary works, he often quotes poems and sentences that illustrate evidences in the works or represent his opinions. Rhetoric and syntax rhetoric measures Through the survey of rhetorical measures used in the commentary articles of Journalist Hoang Tung, it is clear that Hoang Tung's commentary language is quite evident in his flexible and unique use of rhetoric measures. Hoang Tung regularly uses metaphor, metonymy, comparison and humanization, etc. that are artistic and evoke images and feelings, making readers easy to imagine and very interested in. This is one of the most valuable lessons from journalist Hoang Tung for journalists, linguistic and journalism lecturers, etc. to learn and improve their ability to use words, rhetoric measures and writing skills and enrich their love for career, patriotism, responsibility for their career and for the people. Structure of sentences in the works Hoang Tung frequently writes sentences with different lengths depending on the contents and topics that he wants to talk about and his intentions. In Hoang Tung's commentary works, his sentences are sharp and often very long arguments. The long sentences of Hoang Tung are often to evaluate in general, summarize an event, a problem or express a certain idea, give evidence to prove. Some short sentences of Hoang Tung are often slogans to improve the spirit of struggle, the patriotism of the 18 masses, the people's army and to give personal opinions about his views on problems. Besides using questions, Hoang Tung also uses a lot of exclamations. The use of exclamation makes the paragraph and writing more emotional, unique, and more impressive to avoid the reader feeling hard and boring. Connection of sentences in the works Regarding the connection in discourse, through the survey of the works of journalist Hoang Tung, the most prominent methods of linkage he used are conjunction, iteration, substitution and association. 2.4. The commentary style of journalist Hoang Tung expressed through some other characteristics 2.4.1. The commentary style of journalist Hoang Tung expressed in the stability The commentary style of journalist Hoang Tung is expressed in the stability such as sharp political thinking; determined and uncompromising revolutionary political attitude before the enemy; persistent writing style; fast, updated, topical writing; correct writing of the issues serving the propaganda of the Party and State policies. By a unique method, strong argument, heroic, bright and skillful essay, the essays of Hoang Tung express very quickly and very firmly the problems and main ideas of the collective leaders and views of the Party and State, along with many issues in the real life, making readers see the trend and prospects of revolution, trust in the Party, in the victory of the resistance and the bright roadmap of the nation. 2.4.2. The commentary style of journalist Hoang Tung expressed in special differences Commentary style of journalist Hoang Tung is expressed in special differences: Hoang Tung's articles have logical, coherent arguments with encouragement and fighting ability causing readers, listeners to want to jump into things and events; Hoang Tung's essays are rich in inspiration, persuasion and the ability to move people's hearts by the way of "writing like speaking"; he skillfully applies folk language of folk songs, proverbs and words of speech of the people; Special 19 differences are expressed in the way of copying history through commentary works of journalist Hoang Tung. Summary of Chapter 2 In chapter 2, the author has analyzed and pointed out the factors affecting the process of formulating the commentary style of journalist Hoang Tung as well as objective and subjective factors affecting the formation of his commentary style. In particular, the author has recognized the commentary style of journalist Hoang Tung through the unique expression of content and writing techniques from the commentary works and the expression through some characteristics of journalist Hoang Tung. CHAPTER 3 ERA VALUES AND EXPERIENCES FOR JOURNALISTS FROM STUDYING COMMENTARY STYLE OF JOURNALIST HOANG TUNG 3.1. Era values in journalistic style of journalist Hoang Tung 3.1.1. Encouraging the patriotism of the people The greatest value of the time in the commentary style of journalist Hoang Tung is in the essays that can move the whole country, bringing the strength of the army in the important moments of history to strongly encourage the people of the whole nation. His writings are fiery, sharp, and shaky and are moved by people with strong arguments, rich images, unique languages, and a special mark of the writer. His essays are trumpets for fighting by their sharpness, vividness, and timeliness. 3.1.2. Orienting people to believe in the Party, and the leader Until now, the articles of journalist Hoang Tung have always been well received by the people. By a unique style of writing, strong arguments, heroic, bright and skillful writings, commentaries of Mr. Hoang Tung vividly present the views of our Party and 20 State and many problems in life, making readers see the trend and prospects of revolution, trust in the Party, in the victory of the resistance and bright remnants of our country. The astute essayist Hoang Tung made great contributions to the revolution of the Party and the nation. 3.1.3. Condemning and criticizing the invaders Writing about the enemy, the journalist Hoang Tung often used the satirical style of satire but the profound and sharp meaning; the style is both journalistic and artistic in order to condemn and criticize the invaders. 3.1.4. Encouraging the movement to build the country towards the socialist path After the resistance against the American imperialists to save the country was a great and resounding victory, our country entered a period of independence and innovation, healing the wounds of war and advancing to build the country. Journalist Hoang Tung enhanced the national spirit and encouraged people to participate in the cause of national construction and renovation. 3.1.5 Expressing the aspirations of the people in wartime and people's feelings and concerns in peacetime The opinion style of journalist Hoang Tung also brings the breath of time and era values through the aspirations of the people in wartime and the people's thoughts, feelings and concerns in peacetime. Therefore, his works are not only political but also really close and easy to understand for the people, with very simple, straightforward and rustic words as the way of thinking of

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