Improving the quality of growth in Ho Chi Minh city in the context of implementing a specific mechanism

The linking of socio-economic development between localities in the economic zone in the South is also limited, leading to the unspecified mechanism and solution in common between HCMC and provinces in the economic zone of the South Point to coordinate To solve the key areas in the area linking to the management: Master Plan of Socio-economic development, general planning of construction, development planning of raw materials, urban clusters development planning , planning for development of transport infrastructure connection, development planning of economic sectors, investment in infrastructure of the entire region is not synchronized, yet through the training of human resources and environmental protection zone the most restrictive is the protection of the water environment , Dong Nai river system, Vung Tau, Saigon, VAM Lawn and stream system, channel, the region.

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tal protection, ecology, reduce environmental pollution; institutional quality through administrative reforms, macroeconomic stability, policy enforcement. On that basis, pointing out the achievements and limitations, contradictions were raised about the quality of city growth phase from 2012 to 2018. Fourthly, on the basis of generalized theoretical and practical quality of growth in the city of Ho Chi Minh City last time, incorporate the lessons learned from other countries, the thesis given system orientations and solutions basic contribute to improving the quality of growth in the city of Ho Chi Minh in the context of pilot mechanisms and specific policies that Resolution No. 54 of the National Assembly for Ho Chi Minh city as a pilot, the the impact of specific mechanisms to improve the quality of economic growth and transform the growth pattern and economic restructuring of the city. 6. Structure of the thesis Besides the introduction, conclusion, list of references and appendices, the thesis consists of four chapters: Chapter 1: Overview of research projects related to the thesis Chapter 2: The rationale for the quality of growth, improve growth quality and specific mechanisms Chapter 3: Research Methodology Chapter 4: Situation of the growth in HCM City stage from 2012 to 2018 Chapter 5: Orientation and solutions to improve the quality of growth in the area of HCM city in the context of the implementation mechanisms and specific policies. CHAPTER 1 OVERVIEW OF RESEARCH PROJECTS RELATED TO THE THESIS 1.1. The research work in the country - Research: "Assessment of the economic growth model HCMC 1990 - 2010. The orientation and complete solution model of growth through 2020," Hoang Thi Chinh, University Economics HCMC 2011. - Research: "the views and solutions to ensure the link between economic growth and social justice progress" Hoang Duc Than. Hanoi in 2010; - The study, "Relationship relationship between economic growth with social justice in Vietnam in the renovation - Problems and Solutions" Nguyen Thi Nga, National Academy of Politics and Ho Chi Minh. 2006 - Topic: "Research proposed solutions to promote economic restructuring, transformation of economic growth patterns towards competitive HCMC period from 2011 to 2020 and vision to 2025"; Luong Minh Cu Huan Dao Duy, University of Finance and Marketing, 2013 - The study: "Economic growth and social justice. Theory and Practice in the City "; Do Phu Tran Tinh. - Research: "Economic growth and progress, social justice in Vietnam"; Dinh Quang Company, Hoang Duc Than. - The study: "Innovation models Vietnam economic growth period of accelerating international economic integration". Magazine: "The problems of economic and political world"; Bui Quang Binh. - Research: "The model of economic growth in Vietnam from innovation to date - Achievements and limitations"; Cecilia Thanh, Bui Quang Binh; - Research: "Mounting economic growth with progress and social justice in order to reduce the polarization between rich and poor"; Ly Thu Hue, State Administration, 2014, No. 222. - Research: "Promoting economic growth and implementation of social justice in Vietnam with the development of infrastructure in rural areas"; Vu Xuan; Advances in science and technology UD, 2014, No. 4. - The study, "A number of social issues to address the relationship between economic growth and the achievement of social justice in our country - Status and recommendations"; Mai Ngoc Cuong; Economy and Development, 2013, No. 196. - Research: "Selecting models Vietnam economic growth for the period 2011 - 2020. Nguyen Cong America; Economic management in 2012, No. 45. - The research: "The model of economic growth Vietnam - Status and choose for the period 2011- 2016"; Nguyen Dinh Cung; Fiscal 2012, No. 1. - Research: "To ensure coherent economic growth with progress and social justice in development strategies in our country by 2020"; Nguyen Huu Dung; Economic development in 2011, No. 163. - Research: "The relationship between economic growth and cultural development, implementation progress and social justice in the transitional period"; Pham Xuan Nam; Communist Review, 2011. - The study "Economics HCMC 30 years of construction and development (1975-2005)" - Topic ministerial level scientific research "The relationship between economic growth with equity Vietnam society in the renovation period - problems and solutions "implemented in 2006. - Project" economic growth, social justice and poverty alleviation issues in Vietnam, "the professor, progress Dr. Vu Thi Ngoc Phung. - Topic: "The concept and practice of economic development, social, fast speed, high quality sustainable in Vietnam" by Dr. Dinh Van An. - Monographs: "Growth and quality of economic growth" by Dr. Cu Chi Loi editor, published in 2009. - Monographs: "The pace and quality of economic growth in Vietnam" by author associate professor, Dr. Tran Tho Dat published in 2006. - Professor, doctor Nguyen Khac Minh City & Dr. Vietnamese Nguyen Hung (2010), Changing the economic structure of Vietnam - IO approach, Journal of Economic Development. 1.2. The foreign research works related to dissertation - Gylfason and Zoega; 2003. "Education, social justice and economic growth: an overview". - Clarke and Islam; 2004. "Economic growth and social welfare," the standard operating social choice theory. - Guisa and Frias, 1996 "Economic growth and social welfare in Europe". - Martin Evans, Ian Gough, Dao Thanh Huyen, Do Le Thanh Ngoc; 2007 "Social Security in Vietnam progressive to some extent". - Linder, 2004 "Increased public social spending and economic growth since the 18th century." - The competitive research of many scholars have pointed out the role of national competitiveness powerful influence to transition the economic structure and decisive in the economic takeoff as Adam Smith (1776), Jasimuddin (2001), Dutta (2007), Garelli (2004), McFetridge (1995), Heap (2007), Porter (1990) ... This is the scientific basis of the world economic Forum (WEF) launched index edge global competition (GCI) with 12 factors of 3 groups (1) basic elements, (2) improving the efficiency factor, (3) elements and modern innovation. However, the GCI index is too comprehensive and very hard to pick a highlight for the implementation of certain elements. In addition, Schwab (2009) pointed out that the difference of the columns of GCI national impact is very different, the best example for the country but is not the best Burkina to Switzerland. - Hollis B. Chenery in work Industry and growth (Industrialization and Growth, 1982) 1.3. Gaps in the research related to the thesis No works yet-depth analysis of the quality of economic growth in the aspects of economy, society, environment and mechanisms in the context of implementation specific mechanisms of decentralization and autonomy in HCM City. Especially when Congress enacted Resolution No. 54 on a special mechanism for HCMC applied to City from 2018 to now, it has no works any studies on the quality of economic growth, city associated with the mechanism How special? Impact relationships between economic growth quality and a special mechanism like? CHAPTER 2 THE RATIONALE FOR THE QUALITY OF GROWTH, IMPROVE GROWTH QUALITY AND SPECIFIC MECHANISMS 2.1. Theories about the quality of growth 2.1.1. Some concepts Economic growth Nature of economic growth is reflected in the change in volume of the economy. Today, in order to measure the output or income of the economy people may use the following indicators: Gross Output, Gross Domestic Product and Gross Domestic Product Regional Economic development Be interpreted as incremental process on all aspects of the economy. Technical analysis is the process of change in terms of quality and economy, is a combination of tight process improvement and development, both economic and social in each country. Sustainable Development Summit in the world in terms of sustainable development held in South Africa in 2002 has identified: "Sustainable development is development that combines tight, harmonious, reasonable between three aspects of development, including economic development, improve the social issues and environmental protection of natural resources " 2.1.2. Some views on growth Author has included in this study the classical view of growth, the views of Karl Marx and Growth neoclassical model of growth 2.2. Rationale for quality growth Authors have presented views on the quality of growth and the views of the Communist Party of Vietnam on the quality of growth 2.3. Rationale for a special mechanism in decentralization recommended economic development of regions and cities. This part referred to the concept of specific mechanisms, decentralization at the local and the grounds and basis for Congress enacted a special mechanism under Resolution No. 54 for HCMC pilot. 2.4. The experience of some countries to improve the quality of growth and lessons learned for HCMC. In summary in Chapter 2, the author went deep analysis of the rationale for the quality of growth, improve growth quality and a special mechanism. In which the author makes clear reasoning about the quality of growth with the basic concepts of quality of growth; some perspective on growth include: the classical view, the view of Marxism - Leninism, views neoclassicism, views of JMKeynes, views Harrod - Domar growth, the perspective of economic modern, and also a clear analysis facilities of reasoning about the quality of growth with different views about the quality of growth, growth quality measurement. In Chapter 2, the author also depth analysis perspective of Communist Party of Vietnam on the quality of growth; Resolution of pilot mechanisms and specific policies for HCM (Resolution No. 54/2017 / QH14), and the author also deeply analyze experiences in improving the quality of growth of a number of countries such as: Japan, Singapore, China, Thailand, the Republic of France, from which to draw lessons for the City, in order to improve the quality of growth in the context of the implementation of specific mechanisms. CHƯƠNG 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The author used two groups of methods as follows: 3.1. Approach to research: dialectical materialism method, the method of scientific abstraction, system approaches and methods of analysis - synthesis. 3.2. The specific research methods: Method of logic and history, methods to check and compare, document research methods, statistics, describes methods of expert and desk research methods. 3.3. Processes and analytical framework thesis: Synthesis of a general way the problems were studied to make a diagram of the frame of the project reasoning as follows: CLTT kinh tế Effective, Efficient State management Institutional management (mechanisms, policies) Capital, financial resources Labour and productivity Level of science, technology Specific mechanisms and policies Resolution 54/QH on specific policy mechanism developed in Ho Chi Minh City Resolution 16 and 20 of the Department of Political Development of Ho Chi Minh City Fair and Progressive Society Economic efficiency Environment (Ecology and society) CHAPTER 4 SITUATION OF THE GROWTH IN HCM CITY STAGE FROM 2012 TO 2018 4.1. Introducing an overview of Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City is located in central South, in the coordinates: 10010 '- 10038' north latitude, 106 022 '-106 054 east longitude, north of Binh Duong Province, Northwest border province of Tay Ninh, East and North-east of Dong Nai province, southeast of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, west and southwest provinces of long An and Tien Giang, the south China sea, has a coastline of 15 km. The natural area is 2095.24 km2, divided into 24 districts with 322 communes, wards. A population of about 13 million people (including immigrants). Ho Chi Minh City meets the favorable conditions on the road connecting the localities in the country and is the country's gateway to the world. Besides, the concentration of universities, colleges, businesses, hospitals, commercial centers, cultural institutions, restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, entertainment ..., human resources abundant high quality is facilitating economic development. Late 2017, Congress adopted Resolution No. 54/2017 / QH14 "pilot mechanisms and specific policies to develop Ho Chi Minh City", which has opened up tremendous opportunities, but also full of challenges recipe for Ho Chi Minh City in the economic and social development 4.2. Situation of the growth in the area of Ho Chi Minh City phase 2011 - 2018 4.2.1. Real quality of economic growth This section the author has analyzed the current status of economic growth and economic restructuring; Situation in the province capital city; Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the province; Official Development Assistance (ODA); Situation revenue - expenditure on the City and the reality of enterprise development. 4.2.2. Situation solve social issues, culture, health, education - training on the territory of the city of: addressing social issues and ensure social security, build cultures imbued national identity, the situation of education and training and the state public health and health care community. 4.2.3. Situation of the environment and ecology in the City 4.2.4. Real quality of economic institutions The application of information technology is widely deployed and has depth in state management, supporting the reform of administrative work. On 28/9/2018 issued the Decision No. 4250/QD-the PEOPLE's committee of the city People's Committee on the approval of the city's electronic authority architecture has the role, master plan for the lowest deployment orientation, synchronization of information technology application in the city State administration, building digital government, smart urban, improving the quality of service to people and businesses. 4.3. Evaluate the results achieved and the limitations on the quality of growth in the area of Ho Chi Minh City last time Quality of city growth phase 2016 - 2020 is lifted, improving clarity; basically economic growth based on the basis of service and innovation, initially intensive scientific - technological factors capital intensive and labor decrease, instead raising factor productivity total factor (TFP), increased labor productivity, increase investment efficiency, reduce ICOR. 4.3.1. The results achieved (1) The city has been proactive, timely, creative in the radiating and specifically the resolution of the party Central, Congress, government to conform to the situation of practice; Sensitivity, effective handling of socio-economic issues arising, contribute positively to the whole country stable macroeconomic, curb and control inflation, ensure social security, keep the defense. , security in all situations. In the general difficulties of the world economy and in the country, the city has focused on promoting business activities with a wide range of solutions, comprehensive, creative, high efficiency, contributing to maintain the growth rate of the CA o, the consumer price index is controlled, not to the loss of supply and demand, while exploiting the best potential, advantage, gradually transferring economic structure towards improving the quality of growth, efficiency and competitiveness; Increased investment efficiency; Affirming the role as the head of nuclear vessel, the motivation of the southern key economic zone and the country. (2) The composition of the economy has moved in the right direction, increasing the proportion of area non-state economy, private economy, the economy with foreign capital, reducing the proportion of state economic capital; State economy is strengthened and promoted a pivotal role in the socialist-oriented market economy. The types of markets are growing and prospering signal, namely; commercial commodity markets and services meeting the growing scale, maintain high growth, contributing greatly to the economic growth of the city. Total retail sales and the average service period 2016-2020 was estimated to increase 11.38% / year, exceeding the set target of 8% a year. Monetary and financial markets gradually stabilized, the bank's capital raising continuous annual growth (from 1.7 million in 2016 to over 2.2 million billion in 2018), creating conditions bank credit expansion, meet capital needs for growth and development; continue to grow market share, thriving real estate market, including the growing housing needs of the people better. Science and technology market gradually formed, developed and grew in scale, enterprise applications support new technologies, improve competitiveness; the foreign exchange market and gold market is stable, the market order is guaranteed. The structure and the economic sector of the correct orientation, 09 service sector and 04 key industry, fast-growing, in the direction of improving the high-level services, industrial products with the content of science-technology , high value, urban agriculture developed efficiently, sustainably, modern steps, enhancing the application of biotechnology, focusing on production of cultivars, livestock with high economic value, implementation focus "Agricultural model building Program The new village is increasingly civilily rich. (3) Urban planning and management planning and development has many positive transformation to complete and cover the subdivision planning to serve as the basis of detailed planning implementation; Completing and reviewing the planning of the 24 districts to serve the urban development, making and adjusting the planning of several important areas of the city such as the plan of subdivision at the rate of 1/5000 in need of time, adjust the planning of subdivision 1/5000 urban Northwest City, haoch5 details 1/500 Park area 23/9 and Ben Thanh railway station. Research on reviewing and adjusting the general planning of Ho Chi Minh City until 2040, with a vision to the year 2060. The work of publication, public planning information has advanced, deploying the application of information technology in the publication on the Internet and the smartphone; Building a database for planning management contributes to the city's intelligent urban platform building.The planning of developing new urban areas is to complete the orientation of the creative urban planning area in the high-interaction of the east of the city in District 2, District 9 and Thu Duc District, based on the knowledge economy and high technology of the way Network Technology 4.0; The plan to regulate the district to be the tourist center, nursing, ecology and conservation; The selection of the planning project of Thanh Multi – Binh Quoi district; Planning the source space and underground infrastructure urban... Overall planning work has many innovation on the method of organizing, establishing, integrating landscape planning, environment, economy, urban development, urban services, urban culture... Focusing on urban development, the construction of the infrastructure, the expansion of urban space, actively serving industrial development, services, agriculture, culture-society, improving the population. The city has implemented many mechanisms and policies to attract social capital investment in infrastructure development, urban correction, making infrastructure systems, urban appearance in many areas of better change, increasingly civilized , modern; Gradually reduce the urban traffic congestion while reducing water flooding in some areas, reducing environmental pollution, actively responding to climate change in the area of the city. (4) Career cultural, social, health, education and human resource training, sport has a positive change; research and application of science and technology step by step practical contribution to the development process; quality health care is raised, the material life of the people and the spirit of continuous improvement; the social security policy is concerned perform effectively with the community responsibility, shared by all classes of people; Sustainable poverty reduction programs, increase household quite complete plan before the deadline set out, contributing to social stability, civil peace in the context of the international situation and domestic, there are many difficulties and challenges. (5) The city has kept political stability and secured the social security order in all situations; Defense-security is relentlessly strengthened, building a solid defensive area; Criminal offence is inhibitions, traffic accidents are reduced on all 3 sides; Proactively strengthen the fire safety measures; The administrative reform achieves many positive outcomes, gradually building the administration of the Government is effective, effective, ensuring consistency, transparency; The judicial work has a positive transformation; Prevention of corruption, wastage, citizenship, settlement of claims accusations has a lot of effort, the responsibilities of the head in the citizenship, the settlement of complaints and accusations of levels and sectors in the city are lifted; Foreign economic affairs, international cooperation is expanded and developed to create a favorable environment for the socio-economic development of the city. (6) In late 2017, Congress issued Resolution 54/2017 / QH14 on mechanisms and policies specific to the city of Ho Chi Minh has created more favorable, creating new conditions, new impetus to the city development grow faster, stronger, more sustainable. So far, the city People's Council has approved 2 projects and issued a resolution on the additional income increased 1.8 times for officials, public servants and employees of Ho Chi Minh City, Motivational new, more exciting, more secure additional income by improving the life, retain good people in the public sector, the state, limit the brain shifting the non-state sector. Resolution on the scheme attractive, regime, remuneration policies talent, experts, warehouse school, special talent to implement its policy and talent deserve preferential treatment. The city is preparing 12 Scheme rest through the People's Council of the city coming to create real changes in attracting human resources development of the city, improve the quality of economic growth and competitiveness of city ​​economy. 4.3.2. Limitations, weaknesses (1) City economy growth is mainly based on capital and Labour contributed to 64.7% (expected to 2020 and about 58%) To the rate of growth GRDP; The yield of aggregate factors (TFP) contributes to growth rate, although there is increased but low density, contributing 35.3% (expected to 2020 increased to 42%) Labor productivity is lower than countries in the Southeast Asian region. The growth quality is not yet sustainable, competitive capacity is not high; The internal structure of the economic sector, however, has a positive transition, but rather low value-added content, the production rate of machining and assembly is high; Competitiveness has not increased much. The city industry mainly develops according to the short-term goal, sustainable lack, competitiveness and the ability to participate in the regional value chain, Global is also limited; The alignment between the manufacturing industry and the supporting industry with the complete product manufacturers is limited; The percentage of investment in technological innovation is low, the technology of production is not high, participating in the global value chain and the area is not yet clear, the increase in use efficiency, low labor productivity. E-commerce activity grew rapidly and the trend grew stronger but more restrictive and difficult on state management of taxation, counterfeit goods, brand counterfeit goods, inferior quality. Unmounted Logistics and Export-import systems due to the size of enterprise logistics is small, competitive weak; Logistics infrastructure is weak, lacking in synchronization, small scale, high cost. Export growth is mainly for assembly goods, based on cheap labor sources, low-added value; Has not really participated in the production chain and circulation of global and regional products. Slow economic restructuring, high-density services, CN products with a content of science and technology, high value added and aggregate yield factor (TFP) contribute to limited economic growth compared to potential development; Scale, the density of the collective economy is too small. The development level of low-market, unsynchronized, seamless operations; Monetary and real estate financial markets also underlying many risks. Slow construction of technical fence systems and a fully qualified and effective market management system to protect the domestic market , a healthy, fair competition environment, preventing trade fraud, counterfeit goods, and smuggling. (2) Although there is a

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