Bài giảng tiếng Anh unit 14 language focus

. Presentation:

- T presents another use of “will” , which is to make predictions about future events. E.g.: “I think itll cost about 500,000 VND to repair the kitchen roof”, “I think it will rain today, so take your raincoat with you just in case”. T needs to get across to Ss that when “will” is used to make a prediction, the speaker doesnt have outside evidence for what he/ she says. He or she just says what he or she believes or knows.

- T gives a few more examples to make sure Ss understand this use of “will”.

b. Practice

- T gets Ss to do exercise 2 individually and then find a partner to check their answers with.

- T calls on some Ss to read out their answers and gives feedback.


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