Bài tập English 12

12. He used to live five kilometers from school and ride a bicycle to school everyday. Last month his family moved to the school neighbourhood. He now walks to school. He_______ rides a bicycle to school.

a. still b. no longer c. not yet d. not again

13. _______ of the two boys went on a picnic yesterday. They _______ stayed home and watched the Omlypic games on TV.

a. Both/ either b. Neither/both c. Both/ neither d. Neither/ either

14. Indicate the two same sentences.

a. He works hard in the factory b. He works hardly in the factory

c. He is at hard work in the factory d. a and c

15. Mary sang_______

a. goodly b. good c. beautiful d. beautifully

16. A terrible fire spread_______ through the old house.

a. quick b. more quick c. rapid d. rapidly

17. A small child cried_______ in the third row of the theatre.

a. noisily b. noisy c. noisier d. noisiest

18. He responded to my question_______

a. in polite b. polite c. politely d. impolite

19. A breeze_______ touched my face.

a. gentle b. gently c. gentler d. in gently

20. Mr. Brown comes to the store_______ for cheese and bread.

a. regular b. regulation c. regulating d. regularly


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