unit 12 The midterm english test

IV. Read the passage below then choose one correct answer to each question.

The whale is the largest mammal in the world. Since the whale is shaped like a fish, why is it still considered a mammal? The fact is that the whale didnt live on land a very long time ago. However, during its thousand years of living in water, the whale gradually becomes structure like a fish. Thus the whale has adapte to marine life. Neverthless, though the whale resembles the fish externally, it still has characteristics of a mammal.

One important difference between the whale and the fish is that the baby whale is born alive.It is not hatched from an egg. Furthermore, the baby whale is fed on its mothers milk just like other mammals.

Unlike other sea creatures, the whale is a warm blooded animal.It keeps itself warm in the cold water with a layer of blubber. Blubber is a layer of oily tissue that protects the internal organs and retains heat

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