Giáo án English 7 - Unit 10

I.The aims :

-- After the lesson Ss will be able to practice asking and answering the questions about the tooth with the words: fill cavity, fix ones tooth, scared, hurt.

-To drill Ss reading skills.

- Develop 4 skills: L, S , R and W.

Ss will be able to tell about a visit to the dentist . They will be used to asking and answering about this topic .

II. Language content :

1.Vocabulary :

2.Grammar :

- The simple present and past tense

Whats the matter ? = Whats wrong ?

-word cues, Ask and answer the questions

III.Technique :

Explanation , eliciting , pairwork , groupwork .


* Teachers preparation: lesson plan, poster.

* Ss preparation: books, notebooks, workbooks

Textbook , tape , cassette , picture .


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